Raw Food should be an art form

I always believed raw food is not only a healthy diet full of plant goodness but also thanks to the creative chefs, an art form on plate. The way It is presented, the endless possibilities what you can create with real food and play with the tastes and textures.. So I have this habit of visiting raw food restaurants anywhere in the world I go, to check out the creativity.

This time I was lucky because it came to my feet, to London. The famous raw food chef Russel James whom I followed at Instagram is giving dinners and brunches for those who would like to indulge the taste buds and eyes. Check out his Instagram @therawchef and you will find the dates and details.
So that’s what me and my adventurer husband did few days ago, we had a raw food dinner designed by Russel James at Tiny Leaves at Notting Hill (a great vegetarian restaurant @tinyleaflondon). And I should mention the interesting healthy drinks and fusions made by The Herball @theherball. I will not talk more but let you alone with pictures of the foods and drinks we had. This post is to inspire the “healthy foodie to be”s and the ones whom when I say “raw food” thinks of broccoli only :)))) I strongly recommend for the ones in London to try it out. And at the end they give you some surprise gifts which I thought was great!! So everything you see below is uncooked, vegan and glutenfree.

Btw I should thank to my raw chocolate chef friend Thu from Washington DC who suggested this event at the first place. For gorgeous chocolate photos follow her @joyblissraw

I should also make a note here, as some know, in Turkey, the capital Ankara, a vicious terrorist bomb explosion took place few days ago left many innocent people dead. It seems like terror won this time but I still believe in long term humanity will win. I send peace to the beautiful souls of the lovely Turkish people died there… And to many others we lost on this path..


The birch tree water which tastes like clean water.


Three Nut Cheese Plate with Lychee Ceviche


Turmeric drink with spices


Smoked Cauliflower , Almond Cheese, Candied Apple & Raisin


Brazil Nut Sea Veggie Corquettes with Tartar Sauce


Jun, Fermented Green Teas with Flavors


Cherry Chocolate Tart, Pineapple Cheesecake, Matcha Tart w Mango


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