Happiness: 3 Good Things Experiment

writingIt’s been a while since I posted an article. And I will do the opening this time with something as important as good food! Happiness!

Maybe some of you have heard, there is this famous experiment that is conducted by the famous psychologist Martin Seligman in 2005. The aim of the experiment was to prove that we can change our level of happiness and gratitude through practicing certain methods. So the promoter of Positive Psychology Dr. Seligman told the participants to write down 3 things that made them happy that day before they go to bed. And keep doing this for a week. The results were significant. All the participants’ general level of happiness was increased in comparison to the group who didn’t do it. And this increased level stayed with them more than 6 months. So the results had long-term effects as well.

The first time I heard this study was from my close friend Nurdan who is an expert on the field of happiness. Than I made some online research and found many other studies that prove happiness can be methodically increased and it has an enormous effect on physical and psychological health.

I told my experiment idea to my lovely husband Homy and he also wanted to join. We started to on 1st March and decided to do it for 1 month. So it’s been already 11 days. Did it change anything?

GRATITUDEYes indeed! Actually the ritual itself, of writing what made us happy that day and than reading it to each other became a happy moment for me.

First it helped me to change my negative look on things and challenged my beliefs such as the weather in London. I always thought London is a grey rainy city all the time with no sun around, a real life Gotham city in my mind 🙂 So everyday I wrote down if the sky was blue and sunny that day cause it makes me happy. And guess what? All 10 days, there was sun and the weather was just fine. I wouldn’t have noticed this before. Well sorry London, I was wrong.

cake An other thing, it help me to be aware of my focus. What makes me happy, how I spent the day etc. For instance everyday there is a food or drink item on my list. So it is official that eating makes me happy 🙂

Also it increased my daily awareness of the moment and of my emotions. When I experience a moment of joy, happiness or gratitude, I become aware of the moment thinking I will write this down tonight. So you are also observing yourself…

Plus finding about what both makes Homy and me happy, realizing how lucky I am to have such husband or such life (gratitude) also makes me feel more centred and relaxed.

So I will write again at the end of 1 month.

Happy or not, I suggest you try this for yourself! Nothing to loose but lots to gain. I really enjoyed this practice 🙂

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