Exquisite Raw/Vegan Cuisine in London: Saf

Raw Fermented Cashew Cheese Platter

Raw Fermented Cashew Cheese Platter

I have been curious to taste Saf’s extraordinary fusion dishes for a long time. And finally I had the chance during my visit in London. Saf is located in Whole Foods Kensington (tube: High Street Kensigton). What is important to me other than food and ambiance is the energy of the staff and I can say, they do smile…

SafWell, the ambiance is not the best since it is inside a building, together with other restaurants but as it is next to big windows with natural light, it has its own area which makes you feel separated from Whole Foods. 

I wish I would try all the menu however I could only order as large as my stomach:) So as for 2, we ordered raw fermented cashew cheese plate, vegan burger and gravy patato&vegan sausages followed by Rose Tea..

Vegan Burger was cut into 2 for us to eat

Vegan Burger was cut into 2 for us to eat

The vegan cashew cheese is a must here, you got to try it if you want to experience an extra ordinary taste. Also the combination of the sides (raw flax seed crackers, grapes, fig compote) was very good.

The vegan burger would be the best vegan burger in town. Nothing more to say!

Bangers&Mash Vegan Sausage

Bangers&Mash Vegan Sausage

Well, as a vegan, I didn’t like the sausages since it was genuinely like the same as a sausage. A perfect imitation. I confess, for a moment, I got to remember that it is a vegan restaurant. So I think meat eaters would love it.

raw glutenfree bread

raw glutenfree bread

They also have healthy and raw snacks to go such as raw breads and kale crackers..

There was no space for dessert so I couldn’t try it, but I still think about that raw chocolate tart..

So, I had an interesting dining experience, you should go and see for yourself.

Also, for alkaline recipe lovers, they have a very good iphone app to download.



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