Healthy Foodie’s Guide to Bangkok

I have been in Bangkok many times and during these years, I found out the best vegetarian and vegan places to eat. So I thought that would be lovely to share my hot spots with you guys 🙂

May Kaidee's rice

May Kaidee’s rice

May Kaidee’s Vegetarian Restaurant

I guess her place is the number 1 vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok and the most well known by travelers. May Kaidee also giving raw food and veg. food cooking classes. Her food is maybe not the healthiest but pretty delicious! Don’t forget to try deep fried spring rolls. This is my choice if I just want to eat something quickly, tasty and very asian. Closes at 22.00

How to find: There are 2 Burger Kings in Khao San Road. First find the one that is not next to Starbucks. The restaurant is just behind it, in the parallel back street. There is an accessory shop next to this Burger King.

May Kaidee's

May Kaidee’s


May Kaidee's fried spring rolls

May Kaidee’s fried spring rolls

Ethos Vegeterian&Vegan Restaurant

My favorite place in Bangkok cause it is cozy, there is wifi, you can sit on the floor and enjoy the organic food. You gotta try the brown rice, coconut milk and chilly curries. They also have very tasty kombuchas and glutenfree pancakes.

How to find: it is on the same back street with May Kaidee’s.

Tempeh salad, curry, brown rice, kombucha

Tempeh salad, curry, brown rice, kombucha





ethos vegan chocolate brownie

ethos vegan chocolate brownie

Thamna Vegetarian Restaurant

Well, the food is good but hard to find it open. Open only between 11.00-15.00 and 17.00-21.00 and close on Sundays. Nobody speaks English and they don’t have a website. But menu is very good with organic choices. It is mostly suitable for vegetarians. Try shitake mushroom fry.

How to find: First find the Burger King that is next to Starbucks in Khaosan Road. Take BK to your right side and start walking on the main street, walk over the bridge, keep walking. You will see some little design shops, after like 15 min, it will be on your left side.




Thamna fried tofu  shitake mushroom

Thamna fried tofu shitake mushroom

Rasayana Raw Food Café

Try the raw desserts, yumm! Nice, relaxing garden and good quality very healthy food. It is also a spa and retreat.

How to find: It is in Sukhumvit area. Take the sky train and get off at station Sukhumvit 39. Walk straight, take the first right than first left. 15 min walking distance to station.

rasayana garden

rasayana garden



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