The Chocolate Cake for the Broken Hearts


Raw chocolate cake

Yes, my heart has broken, and just like everybody else, I felt blue and hopeless.. And wanted to hide under my blanket, felt sad while watching happy people. But you know what, life doesn’t mourn like me, neither the moon, nor the sun pause and wait for me to heal. It goes on, we need to go on..

Then I thought I will make a cake including all my favorite things and let the goodness heal my heart. So take this as a ritual. I suggest you burn candles and listen Adele-Skyfall or Lana Del Rey-Ride while making the cake. And when it is ready, share it with a close friend who is there for you, when you are down. A ritual to honor friendship and love.

Sooo may this cake would heal the hearts of the abandoned, the lovers, the givers, the naives, the hopeless and the ones who would start over!♥♥

The recipe is for 8.


raw chocolate cake

1 cup raw almonds

1/4 cup agave

1 ts cardamom powder

1 ts cacao powder

Handful of dried cranberries

1 pinch himalayan salt

Few drops of lemon juice

First blend the almonds and make powder out of it, add agave, cardamom, cacao and salt, blend. Take the sticky dough to a bowl, mix the lemon juice and cranberries with your hands. Place the mixture into a sprinform pan, make it flat, than put the pan into fridge.


1/2 cup Coconut Milk

1 cup cacao powder

3 small size bananas

4 ts coffee powder

1/2 cup agave

1 pinch of Soy lecithin

Blend eveything. Mix the soy lecithin with little boiled water just to let it melt. Pour the lecithin water inside the blender, blend again. If no soy lecithin, you can add more bananas or almonds for the hard texture. Pour everything into the spring pan, the texture will be very soft, it is normal. Keep in fridge over night. When it is hard enough, garnish as you like.





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