The fastest and healthiest dessert

raw chocolate puddingToday I just wanted to eat something sweet and fast. Since I am travelling, I don’t have a proper kitchen. So I just checked quickly what I have already and made this raw chocolate pudding. And I realize this yummy treat is the fasted to do and very nutritious at the same time. Perfect for busy mothers and sweet-lover kids!

This recipe is only for 1 person,


2 middle sized bananas

1 table spoon bitter raw cacao powder

Handful of raw almonds

1 tea spoon coconut oil

2 table spoons agave syrup


Soak the almonds for few hours in water. Mix the bananas, agave, coconut oil and soaked almonds in the blender. After it becomes like a sauce, add cacao powder and mix again. Pour in a bowl. Voila, it is ready! Prep. Time: 10 min.

If you keep it in the fridge for few hours, the texture will be harder and taste will be better (but I couldn’t wait so ate immediately 🙂 )

This is very easy but also very nutritious, good for kids. Perfect, esp. you have headache, menstrual pain or feel depressed, because of the magnesium cacao and banana have. Almonds are calcium bombs while coconut oil is good source for good fat and vitamin E. Agave is a natural sweetener that has no harm to blood sugar unlike refined sugar. This dessert soo innocent and soo good! Buon Appetito!

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