Vegan Glutenfree Pizza Recipe

Since I bought the vegan cheddar cheese from vegankedi, I dreamt about them melted on a glutenfree vegan pizza, and my dream came true! Well I love healthy food but I love it more when it is ultra-delicious, looks good and familiar like a pizza.

Here is the recipe for this healthy comfort food:

What you need:

Corn flour

Tomato paste


Olive Oil

Vegan Cheese

Red Onions

Pickled Bell Peppers


Salt, Black Pepper, Mustard powder

Soy Milk

Springform Pan


How to make the crust:

How much flour you will need depends on the size of your springform pan. The crust would be max. 1 cm. Mix the flour, water and some salt and knead with your hand. The pastry should be wet and smooth. Hold the pastry in your hands, make a ball than place in the middle of the springform pan. Press it with your hands until it covers evenly all the surface. Make holes on it with your fingers for good cooking.

Than mix little tomato paste, pinch of salt, black pepper and mustard, 1 tea spoon tahini, olive oil and little soy milk. Pour this sauce on the crust.

Place the thin cheese slices, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers in the pizza as you wish. After a touch of black pepper on top, ready for oven. Cook 30 min in 180degrees.

Perfect for cold winter nights 🙂


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