Nature vs. City, which to choose?

Have you seen the movie Wanderlust? Funny yes but also inspiring in a way, raising the question on how to live? Which to choose? The happy feeling of being in the Nature or the comfort of being part of the modern Western society? The pros and cons.

Lately, I have been thinking about it. What kind of life I want? What kind of choices will make me happy and healthy?

Few days ago I was invited to a friend’s mountain house based on the hills, next to forest, totally in nature. And there, I literally changed:

I, who wakes up around 10am, walking around with eyes still closed, woke up there 7am every morning. I slept less but magically had more energy.

I did yoga and meditation every morning as I jumped out of the bed with a light feeling. I exercised more and I slept more and I ate more and I felt blissful and in peace more!

My mind was very clear; my 6th sense was as sharp as a Hattori Hanzo Sword so as my taste buds.

I asked questions, seriously, why do we work? Why do we need to get lots of money and live in cities? Why did we create a society with cell phones, credit cards and antidepressants?

Cause every time we went for a walk to forest, I came back with a full stomach. Everywhere was full with wild blackberries, apples, apricots, plums, fig trees. It is free, and all I need is to pick it up. But then we cut these trees, and live in stress to have food? Really? People are dying from hunger while the forests are full with food? Isn’t that strange?

If you have read the book of Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael, you will remember the wise gorilla who talks about the history of mankind in a critical way. One anecdote I still do remember:

One westerner talks to a tribal person sitting in the bush, doing nothing. He says “Come on, get up and work”. The Native asks “But why?” Westerner says “You need to work if you want to have food and shelter” but Native says “I do have food and shelter, the nature gives everything for free, than why would I have to work?”


So in Wanderlust, the modern New Yorker couple ends up in a Hippy Commune for 2 weeks and they experience the same “Damn, I am alive!” feeling that I got in the nature there. But they also realize living in an ultra-natural commune is too much for them. And I agree. I mean I also stayed in communes and spend time with “hippies” as they refer. But I also know I will miss clean toilet, privacy, Starbucks, nail polish or air condition one day.

I have read, some people in USA decided to live in the forest without electricity. I can’t even imagine myself like this. But I also feel I can not breathe in the city. I feel we, humans, are parentless children without nature, in solitude and despair.

So maybe, as in diet, we should stick to path of old and traditional. The first people were kind of nomads with a base. “Earth lovers with a traveler soul and a farmer mind”

Well, I couldn’t decide what to do. Which life style to choose, how to be more happy. But I think my brother Gurkan had the best observation on human nature, very simple “Man always asks for what he doesn’t have”. Maybe this is the thing.


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