My Raw Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

I love Raw Food Kitchen! Not only because it is healthy and alive but also it promotes creativity. The first time I ate raw vegan cheesecake, I was in Thailand and I fell in love with it. Just imagine: No sugar, no fat, no cheese, no cream, no flour but tasty!

So I tried it many times at home. It is perfect for hot summer days, directly from cold fridge to hot stomach 🙂

Here is my recipe for cheesecake with Raspberry-Cacao topping:

Shopping List

Filling: Raw cashew nuts, Organic Soy Milk, Oat Bran

Crust: Jumbo Dates, raw walnuts, raw almonds

Topping: Raspberry, Raw Cacao (or strawberry, cranberry)

General: Agave, Himalayan Salt, Lemon Juice, Blender, Grinder, Cake Pan

I am not good with grams or cups. I do everything by feeling and tasting. It is much more liberating I think. This is why I can never do the same cake again 🙂

 Step 1

First cut the 2-3 dates in small pieces. Grind walnuts and other nuts. Mix the dates and the nut flour in a bowl. Add pinch of salt, lemon juice, agave. Mix it with your hand. Mix very well until it becomes a hard paste. Put the paste on the pan and press firmly with your hands. The crust will be 1/3 of the pan. Keep in fridge.

Step 2

Then blend aprox. 2 cups of cashews, soy milk until it becomes smooth and milky. Add oat bran to thicken. Also 2 drops of vanilla oil, salt, lemon, agave. So at the end you will get a thick pate which tastes salty. Pour it on crust and put the pan back to fridge.

Step 3

For topping put raspberry, cacao powder, agave, lemon juice into blender. Pour the sauce to the pan. Keep the cake in fridge at least over night.

The other day, Voila! Your cold, delicious cheesecake is ready. Takes 30 min to do, no baking and free from worries to gain weight!

Bon Appetit 🙂

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