Increasing Sensitivity and Creativity with Green Juices

As I came back from holiday, I should have been talking about the strange things I’ve experienced and ate, but right now, I feel like talking about another subject: Sensitivity.

As a very very sensitive person, I always regard this talent as a curse. Because when you are sensitive that means you are open to everything, all the sadness and anger, that means you are vulnerable. When you are sensitive, it is very difficult to stay in your center, in your own body. You are easily affected by other people’s feelings…

So as everybody else, I tried to control this ability of touching people’s depth many years. I wished I had a switch to turn on and off. Because sensitivity brings empathy which helped me a lot in my career life. It helped me to understand people so do the business in a win-win style. But in personal life, it brought me lots of pain, well, I guess, like everybody else.

Nevertheless, Tarot and my other connections keep telling me “instead of suppressing, make it stronger”. And I finally agree. Whatever part that is, we shouldn’t suppress anything that make us, us.

Do you know what is the best and the fastest way to destroy your sensitivity and so creativity? FOOD. Why? Because as all you would agree, we are intensified energies. That’s it. So you can make your energy brighter or darker, stronger or weaker. The fastest way to transform energy is through what we eat and drink.

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and heavy foods such as animal proteins are heavy energies. It kills our sensitivity in long term. It diminishes our light slowly. Detoxing by avoiding heavy energies in order to be more PURE is not a new thing. Many people I know such as Reiki, yoga masters, successful businessmen, well known names do this usch as Steve Jobs. For example during having an interview with Stefano D’anna (the author of School of Gods, a very charismatic personality) I learnt he has only one meal a day, except that he only drinks juices.

Soo, to increase sensitivity and creativity what to do?

I need to purify my body. Now I am having a green juice detox, drinking only freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices with psyllium. I feel soo light, peaceful. My energy level is high and I can even feel the water passing through my intestines!

Go green, the purest and the most nutrious food on earth. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

The shopping list for the ones want to try:

You don’t need to buy all, focus on how you feel about it. Buy organic if possible.



Red Cabbage



Water melon

Green apple



Cayenne pepper

Psyllium (good to keep you full)


Alkaline water

Caffeine free herbal teas

Combine these things as you like using a juicer and drink lots of alkaline water, PH more than 8.


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