Interview with Dietitian Emine Sahin. Is detox healthy?

I did my first juice detox 2,5 years ago in Thailand. For 21 days, I avoid any food, I did colema everyday and I felt a lightness and joy which I didn’t even know possible. My digestive problems were gone forever, my skin was shining, I lost 8 kilos and my self confidence increased dramatically. After that I tried many kinds of detox programs. Now, after all these positive affects on my health, I am convinced it is a very very good treatment.

There are tones of books on pro-detox and anti-detox claiming that they know the truth. But for me the only way to reach “the truth” is “less listening, more experiencing”. Therefore I don’t understand some authorities making statements such as “Detox would kill, your colon would explode, the end of the world is comiiiinnggg! :)”, on things they never experience.

I did an interview on detox with Dietitian Emine Sahin who has 30 years of nutrition background, The Detox and Wellbeing Expert of The LifeCo. I really think more people should know this simple and cheap treatment and give it a try 🙂


*What is Detox?

It comes from the word “detoxification”. Any program that would help body to release toxins is a detox program. There are many different kinds of detox. You can only have juices or have only raw food, you can go vegan avoiding all animal proteins. Stone Age diet which you avoid all processed food, eating only fruits, Ayurvedic diet, Macrobiotics, they are all kind of detox programs. So any diet to cure and serves detoxification of body is detox. In every culture, there are different approaches to this.

*How about protein diets?

Animal proteins are acidic and unfortunately produce more toxins in the body. I don’t think these kinds of diets are healthy. Because animal proteins create more stress on heart, kidneys, liver and digestive system.

*Why juice detox is the most effective?

This system helps body to release toxins in shorter time and creates the most radical change. Toxins are thrown out from the body through skin, colon, lymphatic system, urine and lungs. To run this complex process, body needs energy. As long as one keeps chewing, vast amount of energy is channeled to digestive system. When one stop chewing, the digestive system stops and all the energy can be channeled to detoxification process where organs release toxins, repair and produce tissues and cells, increase immune system. To stop chewing accelerates the process.

*Would drinking juices and not eating for 1 week harm the body?

A Long-term detox program would be done under professional supervision. Because you need to take into account the personal health conditions and feed the body with basic nutrition. At The LifeCo our detox program is ran by me, doctor and nurse.

*As a dietitian who studied classical nutrition, how was your approach to detox at the beginning?

When they offered me this position, I was happy to work in a health center. But then I heard this includes detox. I had serious worries about drinking only juices, not eating and doing colema… But I thought only way to learn and answer my questions, is to experience it and giving it a chance.

Before my first detox they said “do predetox” which animal proteins, coffee and tea is forbidden. Well, I didn’t give up tea. And since I didn’t take it seriously, I packed few tea bags to drink secretly during my detox 🙂

But then I said, if I want to really see what this is all about, than I need to do it according to the book. First day was ok, than at night, a headache started, I vomited all night. As I spend the night at toilet, I already decided to go back Istanbul with first flight and quit this job. But then when I woke up the other day, I was feeling wonderful. Then I learnt this is a normal caffeine crisis which anyone who stop caffeine intake suddenly, would experience. Then I did my first colema, and found out that it is very easy. And I didn’t feel hungry at all!

7 days later when I go back to Istanbul, people who didn’t know about my recent experience asked me “what did you do?” My skin and eyes were shining, my energy was incredible, I was feeling very light and positive. I saw how easily can predijuces can change. Now, 5 years later, I still think detox is a very successful treatment.

*Some classic dietitians and doctor do aggressive statements such as “stay away from juice detox, it would lead to death”. What do you think about this?

People are afraid of the things they don’t know. And detox is a very new and obscure idea in Turkey. Some experts find it easier to resist rather than make research and experience.

Juice detox makes body alkaline. Regarding the fact that all the diseases are rooted from toxicity which means acid/alkaline imbalance, curing this imbalance in 1 week with a good detox program and healing the body, is a very cheap, simple and fast method. For those who earn quiet good money from conventional treatments, this could be a handicap.

* Also some experts think colema would cause colon injuries.

I don’t agree with that. Till now, I didn’t see anybody with a colon injury caused by colema or colonhydro therapy. It is actually vice versa. Many people like to do it again after feeling the benefits.

Colema and colonhdro therapy are as old as human history. Apart from the scientific discoveries about its benefits on health, if it was such a dangerous and harmful practice, it wouldn’t reach to these days as a treatment method in many different cultures. There are many ways to do detox without colema, but as an expert, I advise to have it because toxicity in colon affects the immune system and so health. A healthy and clean colon is very important. And colema is an easy way to clean the colon from toxic materials with water.

* Detox is a rising star abroad for cancer treatment. What is your opinion?

In conventional medicine, there is no evidence that detox might cure cancer but there are many clinics abroad that cure cancer successfully. For instance I met Dr. Thomas Lodi MD. who runs An Oasis of Healing Cancer Treatment Clinic and he has many successful cases cured with detox and colonhydro therapy. Also Hippocrates Institute in US and Buchinger Clinic in Germany are well-known centers with good feedbacks.

*Who should do detox?

Everyone. You don’t have to be sick. Healthy people would do detox to maintain their health. Here we use it often to cure obesity. If you have immune disorders or allergy, detox can be a cure. There are many positive clinical research on diabetes patients, blood pressure and cholesterol problems. For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, we suggest different style of programs.

* Did you witness any suprising healing cases of your guests after detox?

There are many stories! We have diabetes patients who stop injections and pills after detox, following an alkaline diet. Once we have a guest who hiccups all the time and went to see all kinds of doctor, during her detox, her hiccup stopped first time in her life. There is also psychological aspect. We had a guest who has social phobia and some behavioral disorders, after detox she had a great progress.

*Would you suggest us a mini home detox?

We have a green vegetable juice called alkalize, I drink it all the time: 4-5 cucumbers, 8-10 spinach, 1 peeled lemon, 1 little ginger. Put all to juicer. Drink at least 5 glasses everyday for 2 days. No eating, drink water and herbal teas as well. It is good for a mini detox and to loose few pounds.

*The LifeCo has a international guest profile. How is the approach to detox country wise?

The most difficult is Middle Eastern countries because they like to eat secretly during their detox. Once one guest confessed he eats 5 chickens a day, and during detox he ate only one, so he was very happy. Europeans and Americans are wonderful cause they know what they are doing, always ask questions and investigate. Turkish people are affected easily by their surrounding, unlike the westerners. We have guests coming to colema or colonhydro therapy secretly from his wife and friends.






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