My 3 years old niece is a natural vegan-raw fooder

My niece Deniz is staying with me for few days. So I had the chance to watch her eating habits and choices. I left her completely free.

Actually first I thought she is spoiled as we did, so she will ask for chocolate cakes, sweets and these kinds of comfort foods but well, I was wrong.

She turned out to be a raw foodie-vegan just like the auntie!


I want to give you a breakfast example that she wants to eat:

Olives (omega 6, minerals), cashew nuts (omega 6, vitamin B, Iron, protein), almonds (calcium, omega 3, vitamin E, iron, protein), sweet cherry (vitamins, anti-oxidants), dates (high in fiber and minerals, good to regulate blood sugar). I also did pastry (which is tasty but not high in nutrition) and she didn’t eat it.

This menu would sound shocking for regular mums who try to give their kids cheese, milk, eggs, bread, chocolate spread, honey, jam, thinking they give the good food but actually what Deniz eats is the best regarding her nutrition needs.

So as a summary what she does:


No dairy products (she doesn’t like it)

No meat products (she doesn’t even ask for it)

She likes to eat raw nuts, seeds, fresh fruits

Of course she likes chocolate but I give her my sugar-free ones.

If she is full she never eats more and if she is not hungry she wouldn’t ask food.

She only likes to eat what she likes and when she likes with pleasure.

She doesn’t drink and eat at the same time, after drink she waits for a while.

She eats little which is actually “normal”.


But what we do? We force kids to learn our habits, despise their choices and think that they have a giant stomach as we have.

I think anyone who would eat like this 3 years old little girl, would be much healthier and fit.

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