The Healthy Chocolate Recipe

As you all know, Nurdan and I lost ourselves in the happy world of cacao. But people around us are also happy cause whoever comes to our house or wherever we go, we give these handmade chocolates for people to enjoy.

Many people asking the recipe, so here it is;

But first let me tell you what you need:

Cacao powder (well if you can find organic and raw in your country, it is much better for taste and health)

Cacao Butter

Agave syrup

Natural Vanilla extract

Silicon Chocolate molds

Inspiration and Love

Once you have these, the rest is easy 🙂

The recipe for healthy chocolate:

4 table spoon cacao butter

2 table spoon cacao powder

3 drops of vanilla extract

2 table spoons of Agave

1 pinch Himalayan Salt

With this portion and small molds, you can get almost 6 pieces of chocolates.

First melt the cacao butter in Ben Mari style. Add the cacao powder and mix well until the mixture is creamy. Than add agave mix again. Finally add vanilla and salt. Mixing well is very important so don’t be lazy.

Now you can pour this creamy texture in your molds. You can add hazelnut, almond, cashew, sunflower seed, poppy seed, coffee on or in your chocolate. This is like an art which you design the costume and the taste.

After keeping in the fridge 1 hour, ready to eat.

There are no additives or preservatives so keep it in the fridge to preserve for a long time. This chocolate is so innocent; it is suitable for even children, diabetics, and people on diet.

You can enjoy it yourself or give it as a gift to make others happy!

But I must confess, what I enjoy most is to lick the spoons after we finished, if my niece wouldn’t lick them first…

Happy chocolate days…

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2 thoughts on “The Healthy Chocolate Recipe

  1. zoliyugoman on said:

    amazing, those chocos look gorgeous, and taste heavenly … i was fortunate to try already 🙂

  2. Thanx Zoli:) glad you like it!

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