Fastest way to loose few pounds

A dear friend asked me yesterday a recipe to loose few pounds caused by edema. I wanted to write about it here so everyone can read.

First of all, it is good to understand why many of us have edema? Why our body holds excess water? And this package always includes irregular bowel movements and bad feeling.

Our body is unique and smart. It needs water to function as you all know. So when it doesn’t have enough water coming from outside, it stores it to use in times of need. So basically, when you give yourself enough water, your body wouldn’t need to hold it anymore.

You need to drink water for your body to release what it holds. Your colon also needs water to move the fiber out. So if you drink enough water, I assure your colon will be the happiest organ, will start singing blissfully.

Experts say “not too much water”, they even give amounts. But I think everyone’s body is unique. Therefore how you can decide how much to drink is checking your urine. If your urine is colorless and odorless than yes, you had enough water.

When I was working at The LifeCo Wellbeing, I did Tanita body analysis and checked our guest’s bloods. It is amazing to see NOBODY drinks enough water. The only time I saw red blood cells hydrated and flow freely was after detox, never before.

It tells us that the first and the most important method to heal yourself and loose weight is DRINKING WATER!

I remember once I read about a doctor who went to jail and found out that actually water cures the sicknesses of prisoners. As far as I see, dehydration is the most important problem.

Drinking water when you are thirsty is too late. The best is to train yourself until you have the habit. I used to carry 1, 5 liters bottles around, and drink all the time. Or I had a rule to drink 1 bottle of water before breakfast.

When I said our The LifeCo guests, you need to drink water, people immediately got disappointed. – That’s it? – Yes, thats it…

But good news it doesn’t have to be plain water, fresh juices or herbal teas are also included. For instance when I wake up I make herbal tea then add cold water and drink it as aromatic water. Also if you add himalayan salt to your warm water, perfect for bowel moves (check this article)

Please note: No water 15 min before meal, during meal and 30 min after meal (dilutes the digestive fluids in the stomach)

I can also say boil parsley or have massage but water is the FIRST and the BEST method for loosing extra pounds.

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