An Iphone adventure… Universe always gives what I want, thanks


I confess, I belong to Stone Ages… I mean I really don’t know the meaning of 3G, a spaceship communication system perhaps?? But although I don’t understand it and I use a mobile phone only to call people, I shamelessly want to use an Iphone.

I like it. What to say? I want to join the group of “chosen people” who share photo and video in seconds, who post their food while eating, who can access internet any moment. The social media people 🙂

I thought it is time to leave my cave and buy an Iphone.

But this is not the story. Story is how universe is wonderful and gets me whatever I want without me doing nothing.

First I made an order: A black Iphone in good condition. My budget was around 600 dollars. (I must admit I didn’t know the prices inTurkey. Than I found out with shock it is 1200 dollars what I want)

But who cares? I only order, it is universe’s problem how to get it to me.

I made my order and I didn’t think about it again. I was waiting my iphone to arrive happily and with self confidence.

Few days later, for some reasons, I had to go our summer house, “coincidentally” my brother had a breakfast invitation from his close friend who lives near there.

So we decided to go together, my brother also invited me to his friend’s house. While we are there, I saw an Iphone on the table and said “I also want to buy an Iphone”. Than “coincidenaltly” he said he brought one iphone 4s 32GB from abroad and he can give it to me…

And guess what? I paid exactly 600 dolars for it! Without any effort it just came to me, better than what I want.

I love this universe! This is a game of endless possibilities, you never know when, how and from where you will get it, but you always get what you ask for 🙂

Sooo guys, forgive me if I post videos and pictures all the time. This is my new toy and I am getting to use the idea of being connected to all world via cell phone 🙂

I posted my first video to Youtube, a funny one. If you want watch, it is a good way to practice Turkish 🙂

God Bless Apple!!

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