Morning dialogues

I told mum recently, if someone would listen our morning dialogues in the kitchen, they would think we are shooting Adams Family movie again.

I know I was born as an alien but my mother was normal before I guess. You will understand what I mean when you read our morning, “breakfast dialogues”. After “Good morning, how are you?” here comes our breakfast.




-Did you boil water? (She is always faster than me, she boils the water and in it, puts some prunes and dried apricots, lets them sit for a while and eats them later, drinks the warm water. Good for colon moves.)

-Muuum, where is the garlic potion in the friiidge? (She did a potion in which you put lemon juice and garlic; wait for it to marinate for few weeks and than drink the potion. Natural antibiotics)

-Do I smell garlic?

-Little bit, eat cloves.

-I will eat parsley, better for the smell.

-Ah, you drink Green Vibrance again, I like plain Spirulina more.

-Spirulina has a strange taste.

-Did you try it with Himalayan salt and lemon juice? it is very nice like that.

-Do you want to drink herbal tea? I also put some fresh ginger in it.

-Mum don’t go to school without eating, eat some dates. It will regulate your blood sugar. (She is a teacher by the way, not studying 🙂 )

-Did you drink water? (Like many people, she also forgets to drink enough water)

-Gokce, there is borek in the pan, heated up for you (Finally a normal sentence)

-Not now mumy, first I will drink half liter warm lemon juiced water (or sometimes our homemade apple vinegar)

-Mum, did you have your colloidal silver? (Good for immune system)

-Yes, I did.

-Did you make bread for today?


Sooo, these are our morning chat. As you can see, we prepare our body for the day like Rambo. Our house is like a health food store. I didn’t even write down our “before sleep dialogues”.

Well, I know we sound strange but I mean I grew up with a mum who loves to use nature for healing. Such as, in our house if you injure your toes, boiled wheat would be wrapped around it, if your nose is running, an eucalyptus steam would be waiting for you to inhale, if you have a cyst under your skin, cooked Amasya apple would be placed on it, if you have hernia a coin would we wrapped on it or if you are coughing a mixture with honey and black pepper would be massaged on your back. And they all worked! So it is normal for me to end up like this, No? 🙂




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