How to make cheese, yogurt, milk from Almond?

Hello dear friends, months after, coming back to Turkey, lots of things to do! But I miss my blog, talking to you. So this week’s event is Derin (my 2 years old niece, Nurdan’s daughter)

Nurdan makes yogurt from milk at home to give Derin, for her probiotics need. But as you know milk and milk products are not very safe anymore after all these hormones and antibiotics that are given to cows. Milk is not milk to tell the truth, same for yogurt. Real yogurt is actually watery and sour unlike the strange things on the shelf.

So I offered to do yogurt from something else.

First we tried Alpro Soy Milk but it didn’t ferment because of all those additives. You really need something pure.

So we tried home-made raw almond milk.

I like to do almond milk and cheese sometimes since raw almond is very high in calcium, has fiber, high in plant protein and has good fat. So why not ferment its milk and make a yogurt?

And Derin likes my almond milk very much.

So here is the recipe from almond milk and yogurt:

Soak 1 cup raw almond in drinking water over night.

Throw away the water and pour the almonds to a blender. If you will do yogurt put 1 cup water, if you will do milk put 2-3 cups water. Blend for few minutes.

Strain the mixture with a cheese cloth. So now you have the milk and the pulp separately.

For milk, it is good to add some agave for taste. If you add cacao powder you get a very nice chocolate drink, perfect for kids!

For yogurt, open up one probiotic capsule and pour inside the milk. Milk should be warm; it is good to warm it in a pot for faster fermentation but not boil, less then 40 degrees. Cover the container with wool, keep it hot and dark. 12 hours later, here is your yogurt drink! It is not thick as yogurt but more like a kephir. The more you let it ferment outside the healthier it is but more sour. So you decide the taste. And keep it in the fridge.

For cheese:

Chop the red onion,


Red Sweet Pepper

Into little pieces and add to the almond pulp. Add extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper and lemon juice as much as you want.

Because almond is natural, it is better to consume all these in 4 days and keep them in the fridge meanwhile.

The photo is different cause I made my cheese with green pepper, dill and white onion what I have in the fridge at that moment. It is very tasty anyway.

The almond yogurt is like a tasty sour drink. For Derin’s taste, I need to make it more thick. So I will try different recipe in coming days and lets see what will happen.

See you soon again:)

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