Months later first day in Istanbul…

Finally my travelling life is over and I am back to Turkey after 5 months. I am happy, relieved but very very surprised.

The first time I saw bunch of Turkish people was at Sharjah airport waiting for Istanbul flight. They were moving too much, talking too loud. While I was in love with the toilet cause it was clean and there was toilet paper, they were disgusted saying “oh, how dirty!” I forgot how, us, the city people, are interrupted, spoiled and arrogant. How we forgot to appreciate and like simple things.

It was beyond words to meet my family. I caught myself smiling many times just because I was able to sleep on very clean sheets or I can go to toilet barefoot and step on smooth, beautiful carpets.

I ate borek, avocado, stuffed grape leaves and salad. The best part was when we drink tea with mum and exchanged stories. Turkish tea in special little glasses!

I checked my closet and shocked by the amount of the clothes I have. Why do we need so many clothes? It seems I forgot the answer.

I feel changed while everything seems unchanged around me.

Are you aware of what you have in your hands? Having a big fridge, taking a hot shower, talking on the phone, cooking food on oven, walking on carpets, choosing clothes from the closet and fast internet connection…

But I think the best and the most important is having a mum who cooks for you, who misses you, who gives you a wake up kiss and who loves you and who you love. If you ask me what you have learnt in India, I would say “appreciating what I already have and gratitude:)

I am the luckiest girl in the world:)


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One thought on “Months later first day in Istanbul…

  1. zoliyugoman on said:

    and now a new journey starts, in the City of the Sultans 🙂

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