What I will miss in India?

Since these are my last few days and I will be back in Turkey soon I thought I should write an article about what I will miss when I leave India. I think if i make a list of the things I won’t miss, it would be very long for you to read so lets focus on the sunny side of the street.

While i was checking my memory and making my list I realize 90 percent is food. Well, i love eating, so sorry for food-oriented list instead of Taj Mahal or nice Temples:)

Here it is:

Papaya (the fruit salads with banana!)

Coconut (juice to drink, oil to put on my hair and meat to eat. A miracle superfood)

Cashew nuts (We have almonds, hazelnuts and walnut but what are they when compared to the taste of cashew nuts? Full with omega oils and protein.) We will buy kilos of cashews on way back home to make vegan-raw cheesecake, I will report you the result:)

Street Samosa (Extremely chilly, fried in a 1000 times used blackish oil, covered with flies! The best taste ever)

Veg Thali (A big plate full with Dal, rice, veg curry, salad, chapati together. Easy, fast, yummy. You can find it everywhere, originally very very chilly)

Palak Paneer (Spinach gravy with some spices and cheese.)

Veg Pakoda (Fried vegetables, better than chips. Not the most healthy but very tasty snack)

Masala Dosa (Giant South Indian Crepe with Potato and sauces)

Aloo Parotha (Kind of chapati cooked with potato)

Puri (Puffy fried flour)

Momo (well, this is not Indian. More like Nepali, Tibetan but it is very tasty dumplings and you can find in many places. The vegetarian, big version of Turkish mantı)

Tofu (Unlike Turkey, I can find tofu dishes everywhere. A vegan happiness)

Bhagsu Cake (A man named Singh from Bhagsu village one day found a cake, bottom biscuit, middle caramel, toping is chocolate, and he became famous. Now you can find this cake all over India but if you want “The original” you better come to Dharamsala, Bhagsu, like us. It is addictive)

Hot Ginger Lemon Honey (My favorite hot drink in India. But if you drink milk than spicy milky sweet tea Chai would be nice for you)

Fresh Juices (It is everywhere, pineapple, mango, banana, chikku, watermelon, papaya)





And here are the non-food items of my list. I have some:)

Eating banana at the beach while running away from hungry cows and then feed them with the peels. I like the idea of cows walking on the street.

Also i like the idea of feeding monkeys. Even if they try to kick me or pee on me, I still fascinated by the idea of monkeys around.

Separating my organic rubbish and throw them away just out of the window with the comforting happiness of knowing something will eat it anyway. Nothing goes to waste in India.

The fairy tale, colorful saris of Indian women, and their shining accessories on their feet, nose, hands, ears like a movie set from old times.

The colorfulness of Hinduism. Florescent bright strange coloured temples, lots of music and dance. Much cheerful than Islam I must admit.

Indian traveller fashion which means wearing anything you like. You can look as strange as a Martian no one would care about it.

The budget life. With little money, you are the king here. I spent 300 euro monthly including everything and with good standards without saving money. Now I pay 1 euro for full meal here, it will be strange to pay 8 euro in İstanbul.

Famous head wobbling. I think in Turkish we also need a gesture which means “i don’t know, yes, no, maybe”. It is very useful:)


Soo i would like to talk about great oceans, big mountains but the same feeling i also get in Turkey, lucky to live in a beautiful country. But I feel strange. It has been 5 months including Thailand that I didn’t use cell phone, drive a car or paint my nails. I didn’t take a 30min hot shower or walk on carpet. I didn’t wear any nice fashionable clothes. I got used to feed the cows with my fruit peels and be very very dirty.

Now, going to a big, modern, fast, consumer city. How to adjust? I guess it will be very quick. It is fast for us humans to get used to comfort.

But my adventure is not over, I will go to India or other countries again but first I will go back to Turkey, eat as much as borek I can, drink Turkish tea and hug the people i love till they got bored of me:)


See you in Turkey…

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3 thoughts on “What I will miss in India?

  1. u really remembered our mind blowin dishes…..and we are really happy u are taking some awsome memories wid u…… INDIA…is all…. about food…love and culture….

  2. What won’t you miss?

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