How I (couldn’t) climb The Himalayas?

 As you know, now I am in Dharamkot, a village on the hills of Himalayas. This is the starting point of these famous and mystic mountain peaks.

So if you don’t feel like climbing the 5000m. snowy peaks around us, the best route is Triund, the 3000 m high.

Since the day we arrived our outdoor yogi friend Zoli keeps telling us how wonderful Triund is and how easy it is to climb. It takes him 2 hours and there are tea shops all the way in case we feel tired. Hımm, so how difficult it can be? I thought… And we decided to spice up our life with some climbing adventure.

That day in the morning, I was dreaming happily under my blanket. In my dream with our Triund team (Zoli, Nurdan, Esra, Pieter) I was at a 5 star hotel open breakfast buffet. It was such a huge and loooong table! I was putting arugula, rice balls, toasts and chocolate creams on my plate. While we were waiting in line for cappucino, alarm rang and I woke up. It was my turn though:(

Anyway, I was excited about conquering the ancient Himalayas. I was naive to think the climbing path will be a nice proper road with little aim and we will walk on it while chatting, laughing and looking around. But when I found myself trying to stay on balance on little rocks with a 50 degree climbing aim, my wishful dream turned into bursting bubbles. And when Zoli told me there are tea shops all the way, I thought every 1 hour we will have tea, walk slowly and watching our breath… But I eventually found out that the first tea shop is 2 hours walk distance. While Zoli was jumping like a gazella vigorously on the rocks, I was breathing as I was having an asthma crisis.

When we reached the first tea shop at 2500m, I was exhausted, my legs were shaking, I was cold and have evil dreams about pushing Zoli from the edge and planning an accidental death for him…

Well, so that’s how people got enlightened in Himalayas, now I see… That walk of suffering made me realize of life and the choices we make.

For many of us, what matters is reaching the goals. We set our goals in life: I will climb 3000 m., I will be rich, I will raise the perfect child, I will pass the exam so on… But what we miss is how we walk on this path. Not the goal, but the journey itself should matter to us. Did we enjoy it? Are we enjoying it?

No, I was not enjoying my climb because I was tired, I was pushing myself hard, I didn’t have enough time to watch the thousands of white butterflies around us like snowflakes, I didn’t have enough breath to laugh and talk and share. So what’s the point of climbing 3000 meter?

What is the point of reaching any kind of goal? We trade off today’s enjoyment for future’s enjoyment. We do things to save our image in other’s eyes.

So I decided to stay at the tea house at 2500m with Nurdan and sent our friends to the peak. We ate noodles, chatted, dreamed and even had a little nap. Than we walked down slowly, giving some time to feel the gentle heat of the sun and the softness of the wind, I walked as fast as I want, not as other people want me.

That was a nice reminder about my limits and my choices in life which are supposed to be unique and serving my happiness.

So I confess I am not ultra-super fit, I am lazy and like my comfort, I rather like to laugh than to achieve. So this is who I am, and I think it is enough and beautiful as the way it is…

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