How to get enlightened in India?

How to get enlightened inIndia? No, no, you don’t need to go to yoga ashrams, do meditations, have Ayurvedic or Hindu courses, you don’t need to sit with Babas in the middle of cow shit and have chillum or stay in caves for 6 years. All you need to do is to come to India, get on the train for 45 hours, sleeper’s class, just like I did! Then no more unhappiness but full gratitude for your life:)

I had the chance to think about the sado-mazo relation we, foreigner have with mother India during my trip from Gokarna to Rishikesh. Why everybody who came to India either hate the country or return home as a happy, new, lighter person and come again?

But first I must tell you how is life inIndia. Well, it is hard, especially for the poor Indian people. Our friend Marie who was living in one of Africa’s poorest country Chad for 7 years, she said that people in Chad are luckier compare to poverty she sees here (we were in the same train). Because it is not just poverty but excess human population, suppressing social rules, cast system… So there is no time for this people to smile, to be polite and gentle or for individual respect.

Being a foreigner is also very hard since everyone thinks we are walking ATMs with lots of cash so everybody tries to sell something every second, and they don’t know the meaning of no, you have to be rude, aggressive or ignore just like them.

3 months ago when I did my first sleepers class journey I said Zoli “Never again”. I realize if I am going to live in this county I have to change all my moral and social values which are useless in this chaotic land.

Indiais a constant harassment. First of all, MEN! They will always look at you, sometimes talk or touch as if they never seen a woman before. All the man in the train looked at me 24 hours and now, I know how it is to be an experiment monkey. In this culture sexuality is very much suppressed like the east ofTurkey.

Also you will be harassed by sellers, by beggars with missing hands, arms, face. The little kids will ask Money, everybody ask Money, and you will say no and they will keep staring at you or sometimes touch you.

And all this misery; dirt, rats, bugs, urine smell, 24 hours vomiting, coughing, talking loud on the cell phone, spitting men.

The more rude are men, the more elegant are women. They are always looking down and never talk. Here in India, if you want to marry you have to give money to the man. So if you want to marry as a woman, you need to be rich, beautiful, homely, educated and stainless without any moral sin. But if you are a man it is enough to be a man.

So why would you come to India? Are you out of your mind? You can do yoga or study ayurveda somewhere else!! BUT, this county is so shocking it changes you. It tears apart all your molds, all your rules.

3 months later, the same touch-the woman-and-run guys, bugs walking on me, men staring, ultra oily samosas with flies make me laugh. Not angry! I can feel I changed, I can feel I am lighter, freer and cooler.

Finally I accept the fact that there are many believes, rights and wrongs, not only the ones I believe. Just like Hinduism encourages, no matter how strange you are, come, my arms are open.

It was very painful but it worth it.Indiais definitely on my list of “countries to see before I die”. But you have to be here at least 3 months. Promise?? 🙂 If you can smile in India, you can smile anywhere.

Here is the recipe of enlightenment! 🙂



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