How to do Yogic Detox?

For those feeling heavy (both ways, emotionally, physically) good news! There is actually a cleansing that yogis practice for thousands of years! And it is very easy:)

It is called Shankha Prakshalana which means in Sanskrit “cleansing of intestines”. As you can understand this is a very easy colon and body detoxification way.

If you eat too much curry and chocolate cakes, than you feel like me, little bit heavy. Zoli (The Yogi, you know him from my former article) before told me he knows a practical detox. So I wanted to give it a try.

The most important thing you need for this detox is a dancing music! We had Latin Salsa music at the background so it was a very fun activity indeed. And here are the other things you will need:

2 liters of water per person (The original is with 5 liters but this is mini version)

Lime/lemon to taste better

Natural Salt without Iodine

Tool to boil water

Toilet to you know what

And a good buddy

Before I explain how to do I must add this cleansing is not for those with colon ulcer, colon cancer, period, pregnancy, breast feeding, hernia.

The idea is: with lots of water, wash out the intestines which are full with food waste and poison, therefore indirectly clean the other organs. First you warm up the drinking water until it becomes close the body temperature, so when you taste it, should be warm but not hot. Keeping it warm important if you drink it at normal room temperature than it will go to kidneys as urine, not to your intestines. Than add the salt (per 1 litre, half table spoon of salt) and the lime just fort the taste.

You drink 500ml water and do the 5 moves, than again another 500ml and the moves. So it goes like this until you finish the water. Once you started drinking and doing the moves, you can not stop so be sure that you will not be disturbed.

Normally when you come to the last part, you already have diarrhea and run to toilet but if this is not happening probably you have constipation, tension, stress or drink cold water.  Then try again next week.

So here are the moves, do it in a steady flowing rhythm at least 15 times;

1) Raise your arms up in the air as much as you can and stretch up. When you stretch breathe in, when you go back to normal position breathe out.

2) Stretch to right and left with arms as possible as you can. Breathe out while stretching to the side, breathe in while coming back to center.

3) The feet are shoulder-width apart, knees are slightly bent and the back is straight. You turn from side to side while arms are totally relaxed.

4) Kneeling on the ground. Fully straighten the arms on the ground. The hands are shoulders width apart. Turn your toes to the floor. Slide forward on your hands, open your chest and look up front, the knees and hips slightly off the ground. Exhaling twist your body and look over one shoulder, inhaling back to the center, same twist to other way.

5) Sit on the floor with the legs straight in the front. First bend your right knee, place the right foot inside of the left knee, left hand holding the right knee, exhaling twist and look over the right shoulder, inhaling come to the center. Change to the other leg, exhaling twist the other leg. Twist from side to side.

Please do not push yourself hard for any of these movements. Remember, you love yourself and your body:) So what to eat next?

Well, after all, you will feel very hungry. Best to eat is solid, clean food such as porridge, brown rice, buckwheat, brown bread. With some olive oil, tahini or flax seed oil. For 2 days no chilly, no spicy food, avoid deep fried and animal proteins, all kinds of drugs and alcohol.

This is such an incredible cleansing but the moves by itself are actually good for digestion. So I started to do them every morning after drinking 1 liter of water. You can turn it into a habit if you want.

That’s ok if you don’t go to toilet other day, Don’t panic! (Like at Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:)) It is normal, just drink more water…

Let your intestines sing with joy brothers and sisters!!

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