Raw food diet works, here is a living example

Recently I have read a book called Beautiful on Raw written by Tonya Zavasta. Zavasta is Russian and 50 years old, eating raw food for many years and definitely look young and glowing for her age. In the book, many people are sharing their stories on how raw food diet changed their lives with the before-after pictures attached.

For those who is new, eating raw food means, consuming the food without cooking, in its natural state. The benefits are the subject of another article.

But I would like to share one story that touched me most.

Dr. Brenda Cobb is the owner of The Living Food Institute in Atlanta and she is on %100 raw food diet since 1999.

She really inspired me when I see her before-after photos. She started to eat raw after diagnosed with breast cancer. As a person with many cancer cases in the family, she knew radiation and chemo wouldn’t work so while searching for more natural approaches she discovers raw food diet and tries it despite her doctor’s rejection. She ate only raw food and sprouts, and after 6 months her cancer was gone!! Also some other sickness she had such as acid reflux, insomnia, headaches, allergies are healed as well. Her grey hair turned slowly into black and got stronger as years passed!! Now her doctor who goes for chemo is sending his cancer patients to her for natural treatment:)

Before at 49, after at 55 years old

Here are some tips for Brenda:

Drink lots of water, it should be filtered good quality water.

Drink 1-2 ounces wheat grass juice daily.

Buy and eat only organic food.

Do dry skin brushing daily.

Get regular colemas and colonics for bowel health.

Do less make up, don’t color your hair, use natural cosmetics.

Throw away all the black clothes in your closet. Colorful closet is colorful life.

Eat raw food as much as possible.

I also feel strong and beautiful when I am on %100 raw food. Not all my life, because i like cooked food but sometimes to do such changes is very nice. I think you should try and see it for yourself. Nothing to loose except some extra pounds:)

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