Django’s sharing ceremony

Days are passing with meeting new people, doing and seeing interesting experiences in Goa.

And one of them was Django Mango’s sharing ceremony.

Django Mango is a drummer, artist and performer with lots of creative energy. He is funny; he is full of life and wisdom. And he is travelling the world with his Singaporean wife Wei Lina.

So whenever he goes somewhere, he likes to gather different people with different talents and organize a meeting. This year, Zoli and I was also invited. He heard Zoli’s expertise on yoga and although I don’t have an art to share, when he learnt I am Turkish, he also wanted me to come. He had a movie shot in Turkey about music (Living Theater in Turkey), so he has love and respect for this country.

So me, not knowing what to do at this five minutes which everybody would share something about they do, Django came to me few days later and said “I heard you do very good tarot reading. You can do something like that” which makes sense. Cause I love Tarot cards and would like to share my knowledge with other as well.

So at the day of gathering, all went to Django’s house which is in the middle of the forest, magical and very ecological without electricity and water. While everybody was peeing around, a woman shy like me, had some hard times about peeing but the house is really like in the movies and has this inviting energy.

We were 14 different people from different nationalities from Russia to Lebanon, from Australia to island Guadelupe.

Some people told stories, some people danced, some people played instrument, some people sang. Zoli did his yoga (while he was touching to his head with his feet while back bending and on his hands, people had this expression “he is not human!”) and I did Tarot 1 card reading.

But I think the star of the day was the young Russian woman with her 6 months baby. She did some acrobatic moves with the baby such has holding her arms and swing her side to side, the baby was like a rubber in her hands, she calls this as dynamic gymnastic. I watched with horror and terrifying thoughts such as what if the baby’s arm is broken or just slide from her hands and crush to the ground.

But unlike me, the baby was so happy, laughing. This showed me that it is the fear that limits us. She was the most peaceful baby I’ve ever seen. And the mother unlike other mothers was very alive, vivid, happy, not worn out at all.

So thank you Django for creating this energy vortex in your bedroom and let us be a part of it. Next year he wants me to do belly dance. I better start practicing now:)

So keep in mind, world is full with limitless combinations of possibilities you never know which one of them will knock the door.

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