Breakfast with the monkeys

One of the advantages living near the beach is the pleasure of having breakfast on the beach. Every morning Zoli and I having our breakfast in a shade where the forest and sand come together.


While we are having our breakfast made of papaya, melon, cashew nuts, brown bread, we also enjoy our company of cows! The free and happy holy beach cows stare at us with their big, beautiful eyes waiting for us to finish so they can eat our fruit peels. They are very stubborn, when they try to come close, Zoli waves the big shepard stick he has and makes noises, so they stay away. It is happy breakfast with me, Zoli, yellow cow and the pregnant black cow.

But today, we have new surprising guests. First the trees were shaking than I saw 2 heads looking at us with wonder. It was grayish monkey family of four. When they come close to as 2 meters, I hold out a banana. One of them came and took it from me. They had a very peaceful energy I can say.


Anyway, I was enjoying my cup of tea while they were sitting next to me with an expression of a man waiting for a bus at the station, suddenly, a warm rain started to pour on my head.


One of the monkeys on the tree was peeing on me! Well, I must admit, the smell of the urine was odorless with even a sweet scent. This is what happens when you only eat fruits. But the urine of animals and humans who eat animal protein smells awful!


I give a banana, he peed on me, just imagine what if I give 10 bananas would happen? Good karma! Then one of my friends told me he peed on me because he actually liked me and wanted to make connection just like marking me!


Indiais a remarkable place, I must tell more about my animal friends!


For example there is an endless war between beach cows and dogs. Dogs are very smart and on the side of human. So when the cows want to eat our bags on the beach, the dogs come running, bark and make the cows run away. A running cow is the funniest thingJ


And also there are my room mates Arthur and Miller. Two shameless rats. They are hanging on my roof at night. At the first night I was staring at them with this bad looks. But they looked at me back and didn’t care. So I give it up. We have an agreement, they don’t eat my food and I let them hang out in my roof. We are pretty good friends now.


And also, not very friendly but, there are flying cockroaches! Imagine this, you are a cockroach, as big as a tennis ball and you have wings! Such a bad combination! Actually the first night he landed on my head. So now I am sleeping with a mosquito net.


India, the land of freedom! As long as you have tolerance, everybody can live together. Welcoming all kind of differences with open heart!


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