Epic Indian Train Ride

Wow, 38 hours (2800km) of Indian trains and here i am, at a paradise called Goa.

Travelling in India with train is a legend. So i wanted to tell you a little about this “epic” experience.

In India, although they say politically they abolished the cast system, it is a lie. And the best thing in India is to be a foreigner. In train stations we have our own ticket counter, our reserved seats at trains… No matter how worn out you look, if you are westerner than you can go to cafes and places where only rich ones can go. Actually there are people at the door standing to decide who can enter in.

So the worst class at trains is reserved fort he poorest. “Unreserved“ it is called. You can’t buy your ticket earlier. So when the train comes hundreds of people jump on each other, crush each other to have a seat. You sleep and sit in a place normally for 6 persons, as 18 people. And meanwhile police tries to organize this chaos by hitting people’s heads with a bamboo stick.

But first we went by AC where they pamper you with blankets, foods and drinks all the time. Well the food is a combination of margarine, jelly jams, fried cutlets, chapatis, dals and ultra-sweet deserts so that makes me wonder how come Indian people actually survive with this diet. I think afterUSA,Indiais the country with worst diet. Our neighbors were Bangladeshi family, an obese young girl and a thief mum. The mum was making these piggy, loud, strange noises every 5 min and meanwhile trying to steal our blankets and pillows.

The second trip from Mumbai to Goa was sleeper’s class. Wow, this, i felt in India! Except unfriendly bugs only on the floor, I keep waking up all night because of the urine smell (Indian perfume as Zoli says) smashing on my face and my stubborn window which resists to close.

But it is very colorful. Every station people come and sell everything. And everybody has their own mantra “chai chai chai chaiiiiiii”, “idliiii idliiii iiiiiidliii”. There were beggars, lady boys who are dispelled from society, begging also, and staff asking for tips.

But what is magical inside all this chaos is that people has huge synchronized feeling and tolerance for each other. No personal space. I mean, if your seat is number 2, than nobody can sit there, but here, you share everything even your space and without talking, people just understand each other.

If you plan to come toIndia, take a train. It is worth the epic experience:)

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