Loving Bangkok…

Right now, writing to you using my laptop, sitting crossed legs on a bench at Bangkok airport. I do love airports; i usually come earlier to watch people and energy flowing through luggages and bodies. I think writing and travelling would be the best life for me:)


Well, Bangkok (BKK) It is not my favorite city at all, but it is a “must see” with its awful smell, rats on the streets, delicious vegetarian chili dishes, colorful fashion, funny accent. The typical Thai English “No have, no have!”, “how many you buy?”, “how much you give?” This city is an authentic mixture ofSiameseKingdom, British colonization and original Asian Chaos.

After Ko Samui’s luxurious life, we stayed at a backpacker’s guest house called Rose Garden with no hot water. But good news is it was near the park, very silent and peaceful.


So I have two suggestion for vegetarian friends planning to go BKK, one is May Kaidee’s restaurant (the most famous) and the other is Ethos (has wifi, vegan, organic brown rice). Both are at Kaosan Road where we stayed, backpacker’s district:)


I think if you come to BKK, instead of luxurious hotel areas, you should stay at Kaosan Road with it’s all messy, vibrant and noisy nature.


Since BKK is a river city (with its yellow and mysterious water), getting on a ferry is a cool thing to do. And my favorite is half hour foot massage chairs. They are everywhere and very cheap. Also the fruit sellers who are waiting at every corner. If you are a meat eater, you can find every kind of meat including maggots or grasshoppers or cockroaches!

Night market at Kaosan Road is a madness! You can find everything there with cheap prices. One of the strange things about Thailand is that you should bargain with everything, and everyone tries to overcharge you. So you need to be firm and ask “how much” first even before saying “hello”.


Well, I think the best moments at BKK with Nurdan were; First: celebrating New Year watching the fireworks on the river at night and praying in a Buddhist temple with locals.


BKK is an exhausting city, for me, I prefer islands.


Whoever I talk to and say I am heading toIndianext; they all have this “sorry for you” expression on their faces and say good luck to me. Well, I will see, esp. after I decided to expect less and live simpler in 2012 for more happiness. India is a perfect place to practice:)




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One thought on “Loving Bangkok…

  1. Doğan Görkem ORHON on said:

    It is impossible to love Bangkok, if you are not in… 🙂

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