What is this Raw Food anyway?

One of the things that makes Samui special for me is, it was the first place I heard about and tried raw food which means no flour, no sugar but lots of taste. Sometimes Nurdan and I prepare our own meals using veggies, fruits, nut and seeds, sometimes we go to raw food restaurants around for gourmet dishes like lasagna, hamburger, sushi or chocolate cake.

We are shooting a mini movie on raw food and detox. Because of that we took pictures of many creative and tasty foods for you. But also staying close to one of the best healthy food restaurants in the world, The Spa Radiance convinced us to try all the raw dishes from the menu one by one.

Eating raw food is so healthy it is a detox by itself. I feel the change in me as days passed. I had many “raw days” before, it is part of my life. When you eat raw for a while, you really understand what does “You are what you eat” mean.

Why would you eat without cooking?

Because when you cook, valuable nutrients will be lost. For instance, enzymes. I don’t want to be very scientific so I like to call enzymes as soldiers. They are your army who is responsible of many chemical reactions in the body. As you get older, your army gets weaker. But when you eat food with the enzymes then you support your army and let it deal with more important tasks such as attacking the real enemy:)

Another reason, heat destroys many vitamins and changes the chemical structure of food. Only thing that left from cooked food is mineral. So you loose significant amount of nutrient.

And more important than all, the more you put alive and vibrant things into your mouth, the more alive and vibrant you become. “You are what you eat”.

When I talk about these to people all that came to their minds are boring salads, grumpy broccolis… But I believe a meal should be both delicious and healthy. And believe me, I love eating, so I assure you the only limit in raw food kitchen is imagination. And if it wasn’t tasty I wouldn’t eat as well!!

What happens if you eat raw food?

  • I had %100 raw periods changing from 1,5 month to 1 day. And in all of them, I lost some extra pounds!!! With this diet you don’t need to count calories because whatever you eat is beneficial to you and doesn’t put stress on digestion.
  • People are surprised to hear that but a salad would make you feel more full than a pizza!! Because only reason you are hungry is that your body needs nutrition which it couldn’t get from pizza.You feel lighter, your mood changes, you become a more relaxed and positive person.
  • Your mind fog disappears, you become more creative and energetic.
  • Since you are not eating any animal product there won’t be stress or toxicity in the body caused by too much animal protein.
  • Your skin glimmers, your hair shines (Some raw fooders say their grey hair turned black after this diet. That explains why Hollywood Stars are on raw food).

I will share some practical recipes later.

I tried it and I liked it. You also try and share your experience with me.

Greetings from the raw cacao bean,

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